Star Seeker (jurann) wrote in rainfurrest,
Star Seeker

Looking for a few Good Staffers!

     Hey folks, welcome to the RainFurrest LJ community! As a first sort-of post for me, I'd like to announce that we're running very short of staff persons at this time, and would like to hear from folks who might be interested in helping out. Our website and forums are up and running and in a stable place now, our hotel is locked in, and we're getting ready to roll. Trouble it, it takes a lot of people to rock a con!

     As the Art Show Director, I'm looking for 5 or 6 people to work with me to help make sure our show is one of the best and smoothest out there. We have some innovative new concepts that should make it faster and easier for both us (the staff) and the con-goers in general. Much of the work is laid-back and easy, while some will be fast-paced and demanding. I'm looking for a few committed, responsible individuals who enjoy artwork and working with our attendees and other staff. I will be buying pizza a couple times for the entire art show staff during the course of the con, and also will be obtaining a hotel room specifically for art show staff to hang out and stay in if they like (no charge to you) for the duration of the con. If interested, please contact me via the RainFurrest website's "Contact Us" page at

     Several other departments are also looking for staff and some of our lead positions are still unfilled as of now. Please visit our website and send a message to the Co-Chair via the "Contact Us" page (linked above) if you'd be interested in lending a paw, hosting a panel, or taking a staff lead role. Thanks!

     We appreciate your support, and we're looking forward to a fantastic new Pacific Northwest convention experience WITH YOU! As always, we would love to hear from you and listen to your ideas and feedback, please don't be shy! This is a community convention and we value everyone's input. =)
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